A product launch involves important issues: it is now necessary to truly “create the event” in order to be able to obtain and quantify positive spin-offs for the new product presented. Brand image, communication and relationships with your customers are at stake: only a tailor-made event allows you to achieve the desired effect.

When launching your product, the goal is to convince: it is therefore important to choose an innovative concept in line with your values that will project the guests into this universe. In order to present the new product, we help you define the venue, the theme and the animation that will enhance it and reinforce its impact.

Therefore, if your product is innovative, your launch presentation will have to be innovative too!

Thanks to our knowledge of a variety of venues, we will o􀃠er several spaces that meet the criteria of capacity, location and image that we have previously defined.

In order for your product launch to remain an unforgettable event, it must be conceptualized clearly and must fit perfectly with the marketing plan you have put in place.

Our mission is to accompany you to define the communication strategy, but also to study the event concepts that will meet various objectives:

  • Surprise your guests as soon as they are welcome
  • Seduce your audience with a warm atmosphere
  • Mark the spirits of your guests by revealing your novelty in a very original way

Often, this type of celebration is the “grand” event of your company’s life and Passionnément Events is at your side to help you create a product launch that will seduce and convince your audience wherever you are.