Some suggestions for reward trips (incentive) and activities to organize an original team building. Whether for your internal seminars, that is to say for your collaborators or external seminars, for your customers, our teams will accompany you in the complete development of your event project.


For your next seminar, fly to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a stay under the guise of culture and architectural discovery.

Basque country flag Txindoki mountain on sunny day; Shutterstock ID 397641313; Bon de commande: -

Live an unusual and authentic experience in the heart of the Basque Country. We offer a truly original team building activity surrounded by nature.

Raid 4x4

Traverse the Pyrenees in 4×4 jeep away from the beaten tracks. More than a simple trek, this activity, which lasts 2 days (a night) will lend you to discover the superb sights of the Pyrenees.


Embark on a regatta during a prestigious and original seminar or team building activity.

Team Building Féria de Pampelune

Thrill your customers or employees with an authentic challenge: face the famous bulls in the streets of Pamplona!


Opt for an original seminar, this stay in Nepal will be an unforgettable and unusual experience for all your employees and of course for yourself.

The Mercantour National Park, located on the border with Piedmont (Italy) is less than two hours’ drive from the French Riviera and offers a multitude of activities in the heart of a breath-taking landscapes.

Team building rugby

A team sport “par excellence”, rugby conveys the values that businesses aspire to adopt on a daily basis.

Séminaire sportif au Népal

A stay in Nepal is an unforgettable experience!

Séminaire humanitaire au Népal

A stay in Nepal is an unforgettable experience!


Travel to the largest desert in Europe and discover this natural reserve with landscapes and colours of another continent that will transport you
to the mythical world of the American West.

Féria de Séville

Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir, Seville will seduce you with its cultural richness, its unique architecture, its Mediterranean climate, but
also thanks to its great Spanish atmosphere!

Séminaire en Laponie

Beyond the Arctic Circle lies Lapland; there is an air of magic that makes it an exceptional destination. Lapland cannot be discovered; you may admire it and contemplate Lapland, eyes riveted on the magical spectacle of the northern lights.


Haka Organiser un Team building


This Anglo-Saxon concept consists of bringing together all the employees of a company so that they can engage together in certain activities in order to strengthen their ties, cohesion and team spirit in order to make it more efficient.

These shared moments help to motivate employees and increase productivity within the company. However, it is not just a football match, an orientation race or an evening at the counter with employees.

The different challenges and innovative approaches that we propose are based on a psychology of the company to create a link.

Business travel is an excellent relational tool, a true creator of human ties. Passionately Events offers you to gather your collaborators and make your project a memorable event, while combining work and relaxation in an extraordinary setting. More than a change of scenery, this trip must be an opportunity to energize the company by sharing a rewarding experience.

By choosing to organize a trip, your company may be looking for different results:

  • create new links within the company or with its suppliers
  • remotivate its teams
  • reward its employees
  • accompany a new project or the implementation of new working methods
  • federate a group around a common goal
  • retain partners

Our team strives to create emotion which will engrave this stay in the minds of everyone, with collective and authentic memories. Because the organization of a seminar abroad is not improvised, we are listening to your needs in order to understand your stakes and enable you to achieve your goals.

Once the destination has been chosen and the activities have been determined, we will take care of all the logistics and stewardship for the duration of your stay. Let us give life, together, to the project that corresponds to you, and that will allow you to achieve your goal.

We offer a very large number of destinations, if you are interested in a seminar or business trip in Peru, New Zealand, Scotland or any other place in the world, our teams will of course be able to accompany you in the best way for all your projects.