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5 mai 2020

Seminar in Venice

To choose Venice is to choose a timeless setting. The charm of this city never ceases to amaze. Like an open-air museum, Venice is full of treasures; every canal, every bridge, every church tells part of the history of the European culture.
5 mai 2020

Seminar in Sevilla

Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir, Seville will seduce you with its cultural richness, its unique architecture, its Mediterranean climate, but also thanks to its great Spanish atmosphere!
21 septembre 2020

Seminar in Saint-Martin

For your next seminar, head to the island of Saint-Martin for a stay in the French Carribean.
5 mai 2020

Seminar in Rome

Go to Rome and experience the Dolce Vita! Spectacular and haunting, Rome has all the assets for a successful seminar.
5 mai 2020

Seminar in Porto

Porto, city of light and character, pearl of Portugal was elected in 2012, 2014 and 2017 best European destination. This city will charm you with its dazzling beauty, gastronomy and history.
2 juin 2020

Seminar in Marseille

Organize your next seminar in Marseille, we take care of everything. share a unique moment in Provence.
31 mai 2020

Seminar in Marrakech

For your next seminar, fly to Morocco in Marrakech for a stay under the sign of charm and sweetness all in an oriental atmosphere.
5 mai 2020

Seminar in Madrid

A large European capital, Madrid is a cosmopolitan city where you may find modern infrastructure alongside an immense cultural and artistic heritage. Spain is a preferred destination for a seminar because of few hours of flights from other european countries.
5 mai 2020

Seminar in Lisbon

According to legend, Lisbon was founded by Ulysses, who, dazzled by the beauty of the harbor decided to rest there during his long journey. Since then, the Lusitanian capital continues to attract a clientele of tourism and business.
5 mai 2020

Seminar in Ibiza

Located in Spain, Ibiza is one of the favorite destinations for companies that want to reward and unite their teams, organize a seminar, a company trip or a management committee.
5 mai 2020

Seminar in Dubrovnik

Opt for a change of scenery taking the direction of Dubrovnik nicknamed the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Its exceptional climate, its landscapes and its history merging Latin and Slavic influences will allow you to take full advantage of this magnificent city.
5 mai 2020

Seminar in Barcelona

Few cities in Europe can offer as much diversity in culinary, cultural and sporting experiences as Barcelona. Spain has become one of the first tourist destinations in the world and has found the recipe to please the greatest number of people.
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